PowerShield Sentinel Battery Monitoring System



System Features
The Sentinel system uses one Monitor, with the option of Measurement Modules (voltage measurement) or the m‐Senzor (voltage and ohmic measurement).

Voltage monitoring will identify incorrect charge voltage and faults such as a short circuit in a battery/jar, which causes a drop in voltage. Capacity is determined through a discharge test. Applicable for vented batteries/jars or entry level monitoring for VRLA batteries/jars where regular testing is undertaken.

The base m‐Senzor provides voltage and soon to be introduced ambient temperature near the battery/jar. An upgrade path allows for the addition of an ohmic measurement, with battery/jar post temperature to be added as a further feature shortly.

Ohmic technology measures both the metallic and chemical paths thus identifying more failure modes. Ohmic measurements are taken under float conditions without the need for a discharge. Common failure modes such as dry out, open circuit battery/jar, loss of compression, grid corrosion and loss of active material will be detected with an ohmic measurement.

Readings can be taken daily or at intervals selected by the client. The system will automatically check that the battery is in the correct mode before making the Ohmic measurement and automatically generate a baseline for comparison.

The Sentinel Monitor has a range of communication options, with a dedicated service port and also optional primary and secondary communication ports to interface with monitoring software, building management systems or third party products.