Battery Maintenance Program

The heart of a critical power system usually is a DC Battery System. This system is normally based on Lead Acid or NiCd electrochemistry.

There can be two primary components of a maintenance program:
Preventive monitoring, testing, maintenance, and record keeping
Repairs to correct a demonstrated problem; frequently of an emergency nature
There is a relationship between preventive and emergency repair that is true for all assets, not just battery systems. It is a judgment call based on company and site specific variables which define the proper mix of these components. The IEEE documents and the article by C&D (found under resources to the left of this page) provide a technically strong background for the decision process. It is a question of value. Which is the greater cost?

Life of the system vs. cost of maintenance program
Reliability of the system vs. cost of maintenance program
Cost of system failure vs. cost of maintenance
There is no such thing as a standard program that is right for every company and every site.

Solaris Power Systems welcomes the opportunity to participate in that decision process based on our expertise and to assist in designing a program providing the most value for your specific application.

If your organization requires compliance with NERC standards please click here.